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Thread: Decals cracking

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    Decals cracking

    I noticed that some decals are cracking on our 2007 CC. None ever did this on our 2002 CC. There is a 2005 CC down from us and I noticed they have some that are cracked also.

    They should paint the solid strips on the cedar creek. If I ever do anything about this I will have them removed and painted on. My father owned a body shop and at one time I did body work also and painted cars. We painted allot of strips on trucks and cars.

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    There have been a lot of threads recently about this issue. Apparently someone got ahold of some cheap vinyl and we are now paying the price. My 2005 has some serious failing decals on the sunny side of the fiver. I am seriously considering tearing them all off and either leave the sides clean white or finding a body shop that would like to paint the stripes on. Can't be any more expensive then buying more junk from Forest River. I have already taken one off of the kitchen slide, and INHO it looks as good or better than the junky decals.

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    We have the same problem with the decals cracking, maroon ones only. Our RV is out of warranty, but thought that Cedar Creek might be willing to maintain their image by getting the decals replaced. After several phone calls to Darrel Johnson and e-mailing some photo's, the best we could do was to get a replacement set of decals for the maroon ones only. They will not step up to the plate and have them replaced. that would be up to us. If I take the old decals off, I don't think I will bother putting the new ones on.

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    Buckeye if I get them taken off I will get the new ones painted on that is how they should have been done in the 1st place just my 2 cents.

    Also just my dark maroon ones cracking so far anyway.

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    My DAYDREAMER decals are cracking and water getting behind them. A small piece has already fallen off. I don't think there is a fix for these because they don't make the Daydreamer anymore. I was at the factory trying to get a new fender for mine (a blowout mishap) and they don't carry those either. I also wanted to buy a new screen door, nope, they don't make those either. I would have to replace the complete door then get it repainted.

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    Jerry and Faye can't they send you to the source that made these for them? Not to good on their part to not stand behind their product. Jim and Wilma did not buy another CC for that reason their travel trailer got in a wind storm and messed up some siding that was the same answer they got. So now they have a new 5th wheel and it is not a Cedar Creek.

    I would call them and ask them where they can get these things let me look for a new place that just started up in Elkhart IN they refurbish RVs maybe they can help you if Cedar creek does not like they should at least inform you where you can get the needed parts for their product they sold you.

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    Jerry & Faye here is that service center they say they can do and get anything?

    Elite RV ServicesComplete RV Service and Renovation Center2010 Cassopolis StreetElkhart, IN 46514Local Phone: 574-206-4504 574-206-4504 Toll Free:877-457-4296 Fax: 574-264-3200Click for Elite RV Service Centers web site.   

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    Bruce, I was there at the factory. I now have to talk to a service person that is in charge of Michigan. She told me that these items were made exclusively for the Daydreamer and once it was discontinued, the parts were discontinued as well. The fender she gave me is not a Daydreamer fender and it is about 2 inches shorter and the paint is not covered like it should be. The only way to fix that is to fill the old screw holes and have the side repainted. They have a new upscale fifth wheel (forgot what it's called), but based on my experience with the Daydreamer, I wouldn't think of anything except the base model with the white paint again. At least they still make parts for those models.

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    I'll check these people out, thanks

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    If anyone wants a new paint job check out Michelle Henry who owns Phoenix (Painting?) I believe in
    Edwardsburg, MI which is just north of Elkhart, IN. I have seen many pictures of their work on
    another blog and the results are beautiful. We were at a Rally in Elkhart in Sept. and she was there
    giving a seminar but since we didn't need a paint job we didn't attend that one. We also heard from
    another vendor there that what he called curling decals was caused by the wax applied on them.
    Speaking of wax, sometime this summer on the old message base someone recommended a wax they
    bought at a Marine Supply Store that they thought was terrific and made their Creek look like new.
    Does anyone know the name of it or any other that they highly recommend. We need to put some wax
    at least on the front & back before the snow flies (it's coming even though it was in the 80's here in
    southern Michigan Sat. & Sun.) Thanks for your help.

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