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Thread: Furnace will not come on?

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    Furnace will not come on?

    Well woke up at 5:30am it seems cold in here it is 50 or 49 out now. Friday they changed my main AC unit the one that is controlled by the thermostat. The new AC works but now my furnace will not come on?

    I have not had any problems with the furnace coming on till they changed this AC unit.

    The thermometer is saying heat come on but the furnace is not even trying?

    Not sure if putting the new AC in could have anything to do with that I would think not but not positive.

    Any ideas I did let a message with the RV service company already and left a message.
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    Check 12v fuses in control panel? Maybe they shorted one out while working on the unit. IDK
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    Pull the cover off the thermostat and look at the wires. There are five wores and they are clearly marked. Be sure none of them are loose or broken. Also be sure the switch is not turned to AC instead of heat.

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    Well was not sure my son the HVAC mechanic would answer me already but he did he said yes they could be a difference or they may have shorted something.

    1.If both Ac and furnace are controlled by same thermostat and they are could be a wiring difference.
    2.They may have shorted something making the change and it could have blown the fuse on the low voltage transformer if my furnace has one.
    3.May have shorted something on the circuit board. I guess he means thermostat circuit board?

    Anyway I thought worked before they changed the AC now does not work they did something.

    Well will also check what you said Ed and 450donn (thanks)
    2011 Cedar Creek Touring Edition 36RE
    2005 Ford F350 4X4 4 door long bed
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