While on a recent trip to Dayton, Ohio I installed a set of SeeLevel II tank monitors. These monitors use capacitance to measure the level of fluids/waste in the holding tanks.

The modification took the better part of a day due to issues with my insulation and belly panels. The instructions were simple to follow but required many adjustments to get the levels reading correctly at ZERO. But, I love it. No longer do I have to contend with the inaccurate through-tank sensors that continually foul.


The kit I ordered is able to monitor 4 tanks (fresh, grey, galley, black), has a water pump switch and a LP water heater switch. The ONLY thing I would change is to have the display panel contain back lighting so you know what button you are pressing when its dark.

I purchased it direct from the manufacturer and asked for a discount. They gladly applied the discount so it cost me $265.17 shipped to Oklahoma.

The hardest part of the modification was reinstalling the belly panels after installing the sensors. Sadly this is one area that Forest River did not put much effort into ensuring a long life. While I reinstalled the panels in the same manner as Forest River, to include the correct direction of overlap, the panels came off. I have new panels on order and will modify the installation so it is a secure system and will NOT come off unless I take it off.

So while heading West on I-70 in Indiana (returning to Oklahoma) the first panel removed itself from the belly. In the truck I head a noise and looked in my mirror to see what happened. About that time a semi was starting to pass me and he hit the panel as it exited the 5er. What I saw resembled a mini-explosion as the plastic shattered into thousands of pieces. The wake from the truck threw pieces of plastic everywhere. Was kind of scary, funny, and sad all at the same time.