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    New Rig

    Back in 2002 we had our 1st 2002 Cedar Creek 36RLTS and I just bought our second truck 2004 Silverado Dmax 4 door long bed. Well we just started out on a across the USA trip got into VA I started up a small hill and BOOM. Black smoke cones up from under the hood I pull over and looked could not see anything wronng. Get back in the truck no power at all my wife said what is wrong I said I do not know but think our trip is over.

    So new truck call the free road service the guy that came asked me what happened he said let me look well the turbo charger cooling hose blew off. He reclamped it and followed me to the Chev dealer. They had a tech repair for this but needed to get it so we had to stay over night, There was an RV Park down the street. Next morning I go back with just the truck he said the part was just a tube of adhesive.

    So he puts the hose back on I go back to the RV Park close up hook up and said to the wife we will drive around the block first. Went about a mile BOOM did it again back to the chev dealer with the rig.

    He said he would take a hose off a new one and put it on he did then problem solved. That was our 1st brake down guess we were lucky.

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    We bought our second Cedar Creel 2007 36 RLTS were on a couple long trips around 2012 I had tread peel off a tire did allot of damage. The tire place only had one tire so got the new one. Then right after we left an RV ralleytread comes off the other tire tire did not blow yet someone flagged us down.

    So service guy that changed the tire said follow me to the tire dealer that Goodyear tire shop had two tires got them both.

    Soooooooooooo word of causion if you have a big trailer the tire tread will come off after five years. Now I replace my tires when they are 4 years old no matter what they look like.

    Believe me it is cheaper than paying to repair the damage a blown tire does to your trailer in seconds.

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