Around the end of 2001 we purchased our 1st RV after much looking we bought our 2002 36RLTS. I found there was no RV club for Cedar Creek RV's so started the Cedar Creek RV Club. I shortly I held our 1st rally at Elkhart IN fairgrounds campground there were 10 rigs attending we all had the best time ever I still cherish that rally but there were many to follow all over the USA.

The 1st message base I started was a one area site new this was no good so being a computer professional I started researching and found Vbulletin I knew we would never our grow this software.

I put the message base up myself on my server at first but then with traveling allot knew I could not back the message base up so more research found the host they backup up 24/7.

The club was opened to all Forest River owners then all RV owners I forget say around 2005 and grew to 2000 members.

I was in the Marines and exposed heavily to Agent Orange and stationed twice at Camp Jejune Marine Corps base the base you hear on the national news that had heavily cantimated drinking water.
Dec 5th I was diagnosed with Acute ALL Leukemia Philadelphia Positive a very rare type of Leukemia from my exposure to the above. I am happy to say after receiving a Stem Cell transplant and numerous chemo treatments I am not inactive Leukemia however I must continue taking a chemo pill till Feb 2019.
I was told I may die if I can get a stem cell transplant or even of I do so my wife new nothing about computers and I could not get anyone to take over as the Admin to the CCRVC so with a heavy heart closed the club.
Now that my DR is pretty sure I will make it not positive for two years out of my love for this RVing life started the Cedar Creek RV Club back again and it is open to all Forest River owners.
I hope you all enjoy the RVing life as much as me and my wife we were blessed to have traveled all around the USA three times in the last 15 years and have visited almost all the National Parks and many national landmarks.
Happy RVing life's too short to spend it all in one place. Do not say someday make someday NOW.