Hey everybody. My name is Mike Davis and I joined CCRVC a long time ago after purchasing our 2005 Cedar Creek 37 FLQS, living qtrs. in the front, sleeping in the back. Different for a 5ver.
Relied heavily upon the forum in the beginning then used less as we became smarter, LOL. We have camped most of our lives, even as kids so the lifestyle was not new, just our unit. I am currently retired and waiting for three more years to pass so my wife can join me. US Air Force veteran where I operated and maintained the computer system aboard the AWACS system late 70's. I have since spent 20 years in Auto Dealership life, or no life would be more appropriate. Patented 80% let-off used on hunting bows. Faculty member at vocational schools and adjunct college professor in the computer science world, early to mid 80's. I now own a locksmith shop in southern WV. For the last thirty years I am proud to say my wife and I have raised hundreds of teenagers as their Youth Pastor. Been around the world six times and every state except 5. Working on them. I'll be bowling in the morning. If I can be of any assistance to anyone, feel free to holler at me. missionarymike@hotmail.com. Stay blessed