About 12 years ago believe it was our second trip across the USA we were visiting all the national parks and monuments.

We went to Cedar Brakes National Monument and when you start up the mountain it is a long ride up. But once you get on top it flattens out.

Looked like a picture from Bonanza, well we were on the top flat road that takes you to Cedar Brakes when all of the sudden we see sheep and then this BIG sheep dog comes out on the road stands still and is barking at us. So we stop then there was a car coming the other way and he runs down there and stops them.

That BIG sheep dog drives the sheep across the road then comes back to the side of the road and barks at us again saying you can go now or thank you.
That is one of many, many memories I have of our travels. Guess that was the most unusual thing I ever saw one smart dog.